Tango Dancing in Bend, Oregon, Since 2003

Milonga "TANGAZO"

Please join us for a magical and fun NIGHT of TANGO in the friendly atmosphere of Dudley's BookShop Cafe, 135 NW Minnesota Ave., downtown Bend. map

Venue. Dudley's BookShop Cafe, located at the heart of downtown Bend, amid a variety of restaurants and close to a (free) parking garage, provides an intimate, artsy environment conducive to tango dancing. Usually we have art exhibits by local artists.

Music. Our selections of lively and timeless tango music will make you want to dance every set.

Desserts. Delicious, varied and abundant. We do not serve alcoholic beverages.

Dance Style. We dance in close embrace, taking no more room than needed while following the line of dancing. Also, we keep our feet close to the ground for everybody's peace of mind.

Next Milonga

Saturday September 13th, 2014

7:30 - 8:30 pm: Intro to Tango,
drop-in class for Absolute Beginners taught by Alicia, your hostess.

8:30 - 10:30 pm: Milonga
Lively and timeless tango music selected by Daniel.

$8 cover includes class,dancing and desserts.

No partner necessary.

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In this website, unless otherwise indicated, we restrict the use of the word tango to name just the dance danced socially, in clos embrace, and the music that dance is danced to. Also, we limit the use of references to materials by authors who dance social tango regularly.