Tango Dancing in Bend, Oregon, Since 2003

Group Lessons in the Fall of 2014

Lessons are limited to 8 people. No partner necessary. First come, first served. For more information, including current schedule and cost, please email Alicia at .


This covers the FUNDAMENTALS of Tango (The Music, the Walk, the Embrace + Simple Turns and Rhythmic Variations of the Walk), focusing on TECHNIQUE, LEAD & FOLLOW CONNECTION and NAVEGATION. Alicia will teach the material using her step-by-step approach to help you create your own dance based on the fundamentals you will learn during these intensive six hours of class. And you will be ready to dance in our next milonga at The Nature of Words!


This class concentrates on the "CLASSICS": those moves you will use over and over again! Also, more turns to make you feel comfortable dancing in a crowded floor when people don't move much. My usual step-by-step approach, putting the emphasis on Technique, Navigation, Musicality and Improvisation, will guide you swiftly through the new material to making you feel comfortable as you build up your tango vocabulary.


We will cover more turns in the parallel system, with and without syncopation, plus an intro to the cross system. Plenty of exercises to understand the concept and more classic moves to add to, or to refresh, your tango movement vocabulary. A marvelous way to enrich your dance experience even more!

Private Lessons

To request information on private lessons please email Alicia at .

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