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Blogs and Videos

There are millions of tango pages and videos available on the web. Yet, only a small fraction of those sites focus on tango as a social dance. In this page we review sites covering tango music and musicians, the history of tango, the style of experienced dancers, and milongas in Buenos Aires.

Tango Music and Musicians presents hundreds of songs available for listening along with lyrics and scores. It also has biographies of musicians, poets, singers and dancers, and links to tango radios.

History of Tango A British lady moves to Buenos Aires and writes a book on the history of tango music. This site presents an abridged version of her book.

The Style of Experienced Dancers

In the sixties and seventies, when tango dancing was not longer popular in Argentina, only a few hundred dancers kept dancing in Buenos Aires. They are a vanishing breed now. A couple of websites attempt to document and preserve their dancing styles.

Tango and Chaos A man from Arizona went to Buenos Aires to learn tango and married his tango instructor's aid. His wife's connections allowed him to record videos of experienced milongueros in their natural habitats. His blog is full of valuable information, but it is not a quick read. If you do not have the time needed to read the whole site, jump to Chapter 5 Video of the Best.

Tango Chamuyo A lady from Chicago went to tango in Buenos Aires and has stayed there for a over a dozen years now. Her blog contains lots of insightful observations about the tango world and the lives of the older milongueros, and her You Tube channel shows dozens of videos of individual dancers dancing in the clubs. Also, she offers to help English speaking tourists to get acquainted with the Buenos Aires tango world.

Milongas in Buenos Aires and Around the World

There are hundreds of videos shot in milongas around the world. In You Tube, search for the word tango or milonga and name of the city you are interested in. For milongas in Buenos Aires there are several You Tube channels, like this one , that present collections of videos shot at milongas.

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In this website, unless otherwise indicated, we restrict the use of the word tango to name just the dance danced socially, in close embrace, and the music that dance is danced to. Also, we limit the use of references to materials by authors who dance social tango regularly.